Repairing a Damaged Online Reputation

Our work includes creating new pages that rank well, publishing content on high-value sites, and burying negative search engine results.  There are four factors we consider when assessing a reputation emergency, or situation where SE content presents adversity. The first factor is Ranking, or the listing position of the target result on the search engine result page. The second factor is Volume, meaning the amount of negative or challenging content present within relevant search engine results. The third factor is Influence, or the effect those listings have on viewers. Listings showing comments and reviews from ripoffreports, BBB, or consumer forums are highly damaging, and therefore influential, regardless of which listing positing they occupy in the top 10 search results. Also, derogatory listings that occupy the #1 thru #5 spots are highly visible to anyone viewing SE results and carry a greater level of influence than remaining results. The fourth factor is Sentiment, meaning the tone of the content. Is your company referred to in a negative, mean, or angry tone? It’s easy to pick up on this sentiment and emotions speak even louder than words. Your company will lose if this sentiment resonates with a potential customer or contact online.

About Henry Jawhary

Henry Jawhary is a Reputation Management and SEO consultant based in Southern California. Before becoming an expert ORM consultant, he spent 14 years providing Web Development and IT Project Management services to various corporations and government organizations in the US. Henry is available to discuss your company's reputation management needs or speak at your next corporate event. For more information, email
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