When you can’t remove a ripoff report, fight it

For most people, paying thousands of dollars to have an online reputation management firm remove a Ripoff Report from the first page of your Google search results is out of the question. Not only that, you’ll have to fork over thousands of dollars every year to keep it buried because Google is constantly improving its search algorithms. It’s all too common to see someone pay $5,000 to bury a ripoff report only to have it resurface to the first Google search results page one year later.

Is there another way beside removing ripoff reports?

But, there is a completely new way to combat an offensive ripoff report. Untrue Report promises to help you publish a report of your own to counter the negative, and many times, false allegations on a Ripoff Report. Think of it as leveling the playing field online by voicing your side of the story–the truth.

An offense for users to make their own decision about who to believe

Why is a site like Untrue Report needed when you can just post a response within the Ripoff Report itself? Many victims of Ripoff Reports have mistakenly helped the Ripoff Report rank even higher by adding their comments to the Ripoff Report page. After all, your comments are new content that Google might use to help that page rank better. Besides that, those attacking your reputation online are only going to become more abusive after you post a response in the Ripoff report itself. A completely separate, neutral website like Untrue Report helps you respond while avoiding these problems.

The idea behind Untrue Report is you get to publish your own response on a separate search result which appears close to the Ripoff report. Users search for you, they see the Ripoff report, but they also see the Untrue report. Now you’ve got a counterweight to the negative search result–something that makes people online say, “wait a minute, let me read both sides of the story before believing an anonymous or Ripoff report.”

Untrue Report is free to use

Best of all, you can create an Untrue Report for free. For those who want a higher ranking Untrue Report, with the potential to outrank even the Ripoff report, there is a Premium Untrue Report for a small fee.

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Henry Jawhary is a Reputation Management and SEO consultant based in Southern California. Before becoming an expert ORM consultant, he spent 14 years providing Web Development and IT Project Management services to various corporations and government organizations in the US. Henry is available to discuss your company's reputation management needs or speak at your next corporate event. For more information, email henry@searchrespect.com.

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